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Post Laser Hair Removal Treatment Care Tips for Women

Posted by SofiaRoberts 609 days ago (Editorial)
Lasre Hair Removal

With time being a major constraint today, women are constantly seeking better and more permanent ways to remove hair, which ensures that they do not have to go through the waxing process regularly. Laser hair removal treatment is the perfect solution for those who either do not have time or their skin is too sensitive to endure waxing.

 Lakeview Downtown OMS + Med Spa, a renowned Chicago based spa, offers this treatment, which is done by professionals - well trained and experienced in this treatment. However, despite having this treatment by expert professionals, it requires some post treatment care, which women should not avoid or forget. These include:

   Applying ice regularly on the area after the laser hair removal treatment is done is an extremely important step as this ensures that the area is kept cool and numb, which in turn minimizes the discomfort felt by the person. Where the person has sensitive skin, ice should be applied multiple times. Additionally, it is important to apply some moisturizing cream to ensure that the area is discomfort-free.

   It is equally important to keep away from the sun and heat. Applying sunscreen lotion with a high SPF is one of the most important things that women must follow after having this treatment. This is because the skin has a tendency to darken when exposed to heat after such a treatment.

   Women should avoid scheduling their laser hair removal treatment during their menses or if they are on some kind of antibiotics. While they can schedule one immediately after the periods, they will have to wait for at least two weeks after their antibiotics regimen.

   When in between treatment sessions, it is important to only shave any unwanted hair, including facial hair, and not use any other methods that involve waxing or tweezers etc.

   Always inform the doctor about any kind of growth or any other problem that you might face when in between sessions.

Lakeview Downtown OMS + Med Spa offers treatments that are not restricted to laser hair removal but also include several others including dental implants, facial fillers, cosmetic injectables, facial trauma and corrective jaw surgery, amongst several others.

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