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The regulation for the Beijing housing market would be met with the former target in the second half of 2013

Posted by johensjames1 648 days ago (Editorial)

Beijing - In the first half of 2013, the control measures for Beijing housing market such as pre-license and price limit order have had many times¡¯ upgrading. However, these measurements would have good influence with the Beijng real estate such as seasons park.

The related expert from website has expressed his opinion which is that the effort of frequently introducing for policies of the Beijing apartments controlling has already surpassed the current level and situation. The most potent introduction of the policy for Beijing housing market in the first half of the 2013 is the price limiting policy. Although there is the difference between the price limitation policy and the spirit of market economy, this measurement would be necessary in the period of time which it is very difficult to control housing prices. Under such a policy, the housing prices would have the relatively decreasing. On the other hand, it would also contribute to market cooling of land marketing.

For the high quoting price of the real estate which is too high, the government would palm springs not give them the pre-paid card. Some analysts words from the manager of seasons park Beijing which is the most famous real estate in Beijing has pointed out that this rule has shown the Beijing government's determination to control prices. In this determination, some business for real estate which is eager to achieve profit backing through the sale of the room rate will eventually be set aside. However, this stronger action would eventually cause the price decreasing of the house in Beijing.

The applying of pre-sale funds must be used in the respective projects and it would not be allowed to be used in another project and area. Sources people from seasons park Beijing believed that this system has indicating that the pre-sale funds would be used into its initial function. The new regulation would rule the specified range of the using of the pre-sale funds. This rule would help to prevent the diversion of part of the room rate. In expert¡¯s opinion, this will also promote innovation of the financing mode of most of the housing company.

For the property market in second half of 2013, the industry insiders have palm springs beijing believed that the shortage situation of Beijing commercial housing supply is expected to continue to be eased. With new starts construction project such as the seasons, the supply will continue to match the demand of most of ordinary people. From this perspective, the future space for housing prices increasing will continue to be decreased. In the intervention of market and administrative, the future price of the house and apartments in Beijing would be expected to return within the target of government controlling

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